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About Designed For Greatness
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Founded in 2019, our story is that of a humble beginning started by Cheryl Dyson-Bennett, with a goal to effect change in the lives of young men and women through professional capacity building and relationship coaching.

Cheryl is an inspirational speaker, life coach, publisher, and proud author of "In the Arms of Jesus" and "Divine Keys to Unlocking Your Destiny." Through her work, she motivates young men and women into their total transformation, healing, an deliverance by sharing compelling personal stories through difficult events, seminars, and leadership workshops.

Today, Cheryl is a successful life coach and still speaks for Designed for Greatness, offering encouragement, hope, love, and transformation to lives under her tutelage. Through her and our team, we've been able to reach out to many lives, and also provide our services to numerous clients with different success stories and ife-changing testimonials.

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Designed for Greatness Services

Designed for Greatness, LLC is a consultancy and publishing foundation, created to empower individuals of different ages by helping them achieve greatness through the development of their God-given talents. At Designed for Greatness, we believe that empowerment is important to the health and social development of our families, communities, and our global society. We understand that when individuals are safe, fulfilled, and productive, they fulfill their potential thereby contributing to economic growth, stability, and societal transformation.

Our services are focused on book publishing, leadership courses, motivational speaking engagements, and life coaching. Unlike our competitors, we're more interested in the growth of clientele, hence we offer our services at highly affordable prices with numerous free resources to help boost your productivity.

Our book publishing team is there to guide you with easy steps that are guaranteed to turn your book into a published and best-selling piece of work. All we need is your manuscript and we can get your voice heard across the globe with millions of readers eager to read your book.

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